1. Can I play?

  2. broken
    all their problems worries crazy thoughts
    broken they make me
    complain analyze drain me
    blocking my happy
    clogging my heart mind uselessly
    deep desire
    ocean inspire
    calmness clarity something for me
    drive me crazy
    I’ll drive away from you all
    breathing down expecting more more never a thank you
    I need a fucking vacation
    get away for a day
    maybe then they’d see
    realize I’m human fragile
    gently touched
    feel so much
    back off my back
    instead look into my heart
    my eyes tell words

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  4. lovers only

    lovers only

  5. "do small things with great love"

  6. she is beautiful and terrifying at the same time like nature itself

  7. sky so blue and moon so full and bright makes it hard not to stare

    sky so blue and moon so full and bright makes it hard not to stare

  8. always about flowers

    always about flowers

  9. phew computer fixed thanks to my nerdy knowledge and those smarty pants people at apple support

    finally able to post these shots from last sunday. we sprung out of the house searching for thrill before the sun went down. after grabbing a quick bite to go, we headed to the pier. dev has not been since he was 12 and I go once in a while. storm was brewing, it was late in the evening, surfers were still out, and families were still coming by to get the last bit of light they could. there was a cool breeze in the air from the showers offshore. tarpon and snook were all over gobbling up the bait fish. we walked to the T and saw a nice size loggerhead swimming to sea, we caught him just as he was coming up for air. headed back slowly we saw a baby shark. still barely walking  I suddenly saw a fin come out of the water, dev didn’t believe me. A man yelled “fin” and I said “I told youuu” seconds later a dolphin comes out of the water headed straight towards the bait fish. splashes and fins flopping the dolphin ate his snook for supper and began heading back out towards sea.

    last time we came I spotted a patch of grass that was covered with flowers growing freely. dev promised he’d take me there. we only had a minute to play. the drizzle was becoming stronger and my white dress was rising with the winds. short and sweet beautiful and lush. I will be back.

    It was a lovely ending to another sunny weekend my husband to be.

  10. summer white

    summer white

  11. pretty pink hydrangea blossoming in my courtyard

    pretty pink hydrangea blossoming in my courtyard


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