1. the instantaneous face men make when they eat something arousing their taste buds the second bite cannot enter their mouth fast enough

  2. beauty in every thing

  3. Monday Tee

    Monday Tee

  4. Wet. Danced all night long my dress straps were soaked with sweat.

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  6. Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect.

  7. sky on fire tonight

  8. Florida room

    Florida room

  9. For a girl who loves flowers
    And a guy who loves a girl
    You’d think he’d buy her flowers

    From a guy who is stressed
    Whom takes it out on the girl
    “I know you’ll always be there”

    Flowers are still pretty
    But I know you,
    It’s not about me
    I’ll take care of your worries
    Whip up your adored sweet

  10. birchbox:

Wishing we were invited to this party.


    Wishing we were invited to this party.

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  12. sultry natural beauty


garden variedy

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